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What is a visa?

A visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. The authorization of the endorsement is subject to permission of the immigration official at the time of actual entry. The endorsement may be in the form of a document, but commonly it`s a stamp on the passport of the applicant.

Why do I need a visa?

A visa is required by a non-citizen to enter a country of interest from the country of citizenship. There are many countries in the world, most of them do not have Visa exemption agreements amidst them and therefore, the citizens of these countries require a visa to enter their country of interest.

What type of visas available for a particular country?

What type of visas available for a particular country? - The type of visa varies from country to country. Generally, there are basic 2 types of visas that are granted for any particular country i.e. a) Tourist Visa & b) Business Visa. Some countries also process Employment/ Work, Medical, Religious, Student Visas, etc.

What is a tourist visa?

Tourist Visa is a visa granted to a person who has planned his/her travel which is recreational in nature i.e. tourism, vacation (holiday), amusement, visits with friends or relatives, rest, activities of a social, or service nature without any remuneration cash or kind whatsoever.

What is a business visa?

Business Visa is a visa granted to a person who has planned his/her travel which is to consult with business associates, travel for a scientific, educational, professional or business convention, or conference on specific dates, settle an estate, or negotiate a contract.

What is a transit visa?

Transit visa is required by some countries for passing through their airports even without going through immigration clearance. Generally a transit visa is usually valid for 5 days or less, for passing through the country to a third destination.

What is visa-on-arrival?

Also known as VOA, this type of visa is granted at an airport of the visiting country. This is distinct from not requiring a visa at all, as the visitor must still obtain the visa before they can even try to pass through immigration. A VOA is cheaper than any other type of visa.

What are single, double & multiple entry visas?

An entry visa is not a different type of visa; it's always associated with the kind of visa applied for viz. Tourist, Business, Work, Student, etc. In a single entry visa, the person can only enter a country once and cannot enter again after exiting the country. For a double entry, the person can enter the same country twice and thereafter the entry is prohibited and a multiple entry visa allows a person to make multiple entries to the country of visit.

Validity of a visa?

A validity of a visa depends on the requirements for a visa for each individual and the purpose and the duration for which it is applied for.

Validity of period of stay on a visa?

The validity of the period of the stay on a certain visa depends entirely on the immigration official to which the visa is applied.

Validity of passport to apply for a visa?

The minimum validity of passport for application of a visa is; the passport should be valid at six / nine months from the date of expiry and it should contain at least 2 empty pages for stamping of visa as well as entry and exit stamps

Are visa fees refundable?

When visa fees are charged they can vary according to your nationality, the number of times you will enter, the length of stay, and sometimes how and where you apply. Children are sometimes charged a reduced fee or no fee at all. The maximum age of the child can vary from under 12 up to 18. Visa fees are non-refundable.

Are Service Charges refundable if visa is refused?

We as a service provider only assist as a third party between the applicant and consulate for processing the visa after by providing the documents required as specified by the respective consulates. We do not guranantee issuance of any visa from any consulate. It is the sole discretion of the visa officer to grant the visa and duration of the visa or ask for additional documentary evidence or even summon the applicant for a personal interview.. & hence the visa service fees is also non refundable and the applicant may at times have also to visit the consulate more than once.

Is personal interview a mandatory procedure for all consulates?

NO, it is not a mandatory procedure for all consulates. But some consulates do insist on the personal appearance of the applicant. However, it is the discretion of the consulate to summon the applicant if they fee they need to meet and speak to the applicant.

What are the safety or our oringial passports & Documents?

While we have trained personnel to carry documents from our office to various consulates & back and at times these are sent by Bule dart or other reliable couriers. In case of any document being lost, our liability will be only limited in providing any assistance getting the duplicate from necessary govt departments and the cost for the same if any as prescribed by the respective departments. We also would like to inform you since last 10 years of our business so far there has been no case of this nature ever taken place and with our process we have a 100% safety and security of document handling in our record.

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